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Overcoming Internal Resistance

Special 1-hour workshop

Tools, techniques and live coaching

14 & 16 July 2022
12 pm EST/5 pm GMT on zoom

free of charge

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Blazing Talents Programme

Two years' worth of coaching in three learning-packed months

This August/September 2022 I'm opening spaces in my small group programme. This intake will be open to women only (if you're a man who is interested in coaching, please contact me). Blazing Talents is a masterclass designed to create two years' worth of results in 12 weeks.​

My life feels completely different now.


Software Developer

It's for you if

  • You can't figure out why you feel so terrible doing this thing you used to love, and you wonder if it's even worth it anymore.

  • You don't think you can make it through another day of trying and failing to do the work that matters to you, and you wonder if it's time to give up.

  • You need to feel better about using your talents now, because you are running out of time, energy and the hope that things can be any different

This programme will teach you how to do your work with commitment and enjoyment, to get big results but retain a sense of play. This is absolutely possible once you know how. Some of the stuff I will teach you is so simple and effective you'll be outraged no one told you about it before. Some of it is so advanced it will keep changing and stretching you far after the programme ends. And you'll need that advanced work, because you'll be working at the edge of your capabilities, where exciting and terrifying and important stuff happens.

You'll still encounter the inevitable, much smaller ups and downs of putting big things into the world, but you'll know how to ride these bumps with calm and confidence, because you'll have learned how to use your talents without it feeling like your entire emotional survival is on the line.

Why group coaching


First thing's first: group coaching is not a therapy or support group. You will watch other people get coached and vice versa, but clients don't participate in or comment on other people's coaching. No one coaches you but me.


So why even bother to have a group programme in that case? Because group coaching works twice as fast as individual coaching.


Here's why: you learn one way when I coach you, but you learn another way entirely when you watch me coach someone else.

When I coach you, we change your brain. When you watch me coach someone else, you have the distance to see how the change gets created. And that means you learn how to create these same kinds of results on your own. 


When you combine these two kinds of learning with teaching from me about tools and concept, the synergy is like rocket fuel. You'll transform faster than you thought possible. And you'll know how to keep the process going on your own. 


Weekly live teaching on techniques and tools

Weekly live coaching on Zoom

Text-based coaching Monday through Friday

Weekly practice sheets and guides

How we do it

This programme is intensive on purpose. It will take over your brain and blow your mind for 12 short but intense weeks. You will be obsessed and you will change fast.

Each week we'll have coaching calls with the group, live teaching from me on that week's learning and tools (recorded for those who can't attend live) and guided working sessions, where programme members bring their work to a zoom call to make progress in a supported environment. Along the way, you'll have eight guaranteed coaching sessions with me.


And then there's the Slack group. This is an online messaging platform where I'll be available to answer questions and coach you, Monday through Friday, for the full 12 weeks.


You'll also have quarterly alumni coaching calls with me for the first year after the programme ends.


Because you'll have lots of chances to participate by quietly listening and learning (i.e., without having to be on the hot seat or interact,) this programme is introvert-safe. Introverts: I am one of you, I share your fears of anything with the 'group' label, and I have designed this programme to give lots of space for those of us who need less interaction.


This is possible for you

Whatever you do, don't give up on your talents because you think that nothing can change, that you'll never figure out how to put your work into the world or how to love doing it again.

It does not have to be this hard.


You can leave this suffering behind and learn to surf the smaller, inevitable ups and downs of achievement like a badass.


I want you to work with me because I know how to get people there. But, most importantly, I just want you to get there, one way or another. If I'm not the person who can help you, I believe you can find someone or something else that can.


Remember: every one of us who has made it to the other side was once where you are now.

We're waiting for you. Don't give up.