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Feel better. Focus more. Do big things.


Whether you’re stuck in hiding mode (not using your talents fully), in chasing mode (doing it but feeling miserable), or bouncing between the two, you probably spend a lot of mental energy wishing you could finally get to the other side.


You know the place I mean: that glorious future where we stop hitting snooze, reach our word count every day, and figure out how to feel good about meeting a goal for more than five minutes before it evaporates and we start worrying about the next one. Once we get finally make it over to that side, we think, we’ll get to spend our time liking ourselves and feeling productive, rather than yelling at ourselves and feeling like nothing is ever enough.

Change Mode Masterclass

7 and 9 March 2023

12 pm NYC/5 pm London

on Zoom


In one way, I love that we have this vision, because it’s a reflection of how much we want to change. It shows how committed we are to finding a better relationship to our talents. And in the face of relentless hiding and chasing, this vision of life on the other side can be the one thing that keeps us from giving up entirely.

The problem is, the way to REACH the other side doesn’t look much like this fantasy. What I call ‘change mode’ actually looks and feels nothing like what we been taught to think about change. To get from hiding and chasing to where we want to be, we need to have to let go of our expectations of how change happens. To get into change mode, we need to think about transformation differently.

Because no one tells us this, though, we wind up making it way harder on ourselves than it needs to be. We keep waiting for something to happen that will make our vision of the other side appear more attainable. After the next milestone, when we finally become more self-disciplined, when our kids move out, when there’s more time or more money or energy, we tell ourselves—then we’ll be able to get ourselves over to the other side.  It’s like we’re stuck in a nightmare chicken-and-egg scenario where we keep waiting for something to change so that changing our lives seems possible.

Come along to find to my free masterclass on 7 and 9 March 2023 to hear why this happens, how to exit this cycle and shift into  change mode now, without first having to claw your way to a more optimal present.

I’ve scheduled the class to happen ASAP—not in two weeks, not even in one week—on purpose, because a key part of accessing change mode is realising there's no distant horizon that has to be obtained before anything will shift. That's the weird and ultimately enabling the paradox of change mode. We don’t need to wait for something new to happen or to be some different person in order to create the changes we want. In fact, we need to do the opposite.

I’ll be breaking down all of this in the masterclass and sharing what I’ve learned and taught in 20 years of coaching and mentoring people with big talents and big blocks in using them. I'll lay out some the solutions in simple steps and give  you takeaways that you’ll be able to keep using yourself after the hour is over. I'll also answer questions along the way and coach some volunteers live.

I'm hosting the exact same workshop twice, to ensure that people have a decent chance of being able to attend live. Follow the link to fill in a brief form and you'll receive a zoom invite for time you have selected. You'll also have chance to indicate on the form whether you're interested in volunteering to be coached live.

On the day, I ask that you show up with a piece of paper and some kind of writing implement, in as much of a quiet environment as is available. 

When: 7 and 9 March 2023, 12 pm NYC/5 pm London

Where: Zoom

Investment: 60 minutes of your time

Sign up: Fill in this brief form. Be sure to let me know if you're interested in being coached live on the call!

Got questions?

Got questions

Answers to frequently asked questions are below. Any others can be sent to

What if I don't want to be coached in front of other people or be on camera? 

Coaching is volunteer only! If you're not interested, just don't volunteer. You can keep your camera and mic off the whole time if you'd like. 

Is it really free?

It costs 60 minutes of your time, and I will talk for 5 minutes about my small group programme, Blazing Talents. But there is no monetary charge! ​

Why is it free? 

Because I want to share tools and coaching with people who get something out of my writing but aren't able to work with me as a coach. Because I want the people who can really benefit from it to get a taste of why learning and getting coached in a group is so powerful. And because I love teaching this shit.

Can I attend both times the workshop is held?

Yes, you can attend both times, though if I coach you I will only do so in one workshop. You will need to book separately for each session. 

What if I hate swearing?

I swear on my website and in my writing because I swear in person, and I want to connect with people who are the right fit for my way of working. If you find swearing alienating, I may not the coach or writer for you. But there are lots of other people out there who don't speak the way I do who can help. Keep looking! 

Still have questions?


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