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What Clients Say

"It’s really rare to seek help and get a result that fundamentally shifts things for the better. I’m forever grateful for Jane’s coaching." -Scott H.

Scott H.
Creative Director

I signed up for coaching with Jane because I was doing something I’ve wanted to do all my life—making more inroads than I had ever made before—and I was suffering a ridiculous amount. And the self-doubt and creative block was just growing more painful.

Jane’s amazing at drawing out information and reflecting back an accurate picture of the circumstances, as well as mapping out a clear and custom plan of action. 

Our sessions profoundly shifted me from a painful relationship with my creative pursuits to what now feels like manageable and sane challenges that would be expected from such efforts. 


As a CEO of multiple technology companies, my mind is my most valuable asset. Managing my emotions has changed my relationship with my work. In the time I've worked with Dr. Elliott, not only have all my businesses grown in revenue but I have launched two new companies.
As an expected benefit of working with her, I've also began to enjoy art again. I attribute the ease in which I've grown as a leader to her ability to identify where I am blocked and work with me to think about my situations differently. If you are looking to grow your business or career without feeling anxious and overwhelmed I'd recommend working with Dr. Elliott.

Sociology ProfESSOR

While I was an original skeptic, life coaching has helped me achieve more insight and relief than years of therapy and loads of self-help books.
Jane's coaching is particularly brilliant-- offered with warmth, humor, and radical empathy.  
After just a few sessions with Jane, I started working on a project that I had been avoiding for over a year, I started writing every day, and I started reading for pleasure again!
More importantly, Jane’s coaching has helped me challenge some of my most deeply entrenched (“woe is me”) stories, helping me realize that I don’t have to do anything to feel awesome or worthy, because I already am.

GROUP Human Resources

The money I spent on my coaching session with Jane might be the best money I've ever spent on anything...EVER. Jane identified a pattern of thinking that I had not noticed that was ruling my entire life, to my detriment, AND helped me change it.

The price doesn't cover anywhere near the value of this. When I feel the need I will be joyously booking in to be coached by Jane again!

UX Designer & Novelist

I was in a low place after years of struggling with my creative ambition. I was so self-defeated, I wasn't sure where to start in working through it. Speaking with Jane has been groundbreaking for me. As we looked at my creative process, Jane began to show me a way forward with my creativity -- and almost immediately, I'm enjoying writing again

Law Professor

Jane is smart, energetic and great fun to work with.
I was stuck on a seemingly overdue academic writing project, and in a few sessions Jane helped me uncover and accept some unhelpful shame and blame that was blocking my true desire to write.
Now I see my mission is to give myself the time and space that I deserve to write and gift my unique and power voice to the world. 


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