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When you're dreading an action you have to take or thing you need to do, it's like being at war with yourself. You're afraid of something happening (the definition of dread) but also you have to make that thing happen, by doing the thing that you dread. It's like being afraid of fire and trying to get yourself to set the house alight.

Is it any wonder that dread so often wins?

This spring, though, you have a chance to change these results for good at the Defeat Dread Fest. We'll vanquish dread where it lives: in your self-eating brain—and most specifically in the underlying beliefs your brain has about you, your skills, and whatever task it is that you’ve been dreading. 


Here's how it works:

We meet on zoom. You bring a Dreaded Task, ideally something that feels significant to you.


Select Which Day You Prefer to Attend

Friday 12 April or Sunday 14 April 2024
12.30 to 3 pm NYC/5.30-8 pm London
On Zoom

You'll learn concepts and tools specially designed to help smart people overcome dread when it comes to the stuff that matters most. And you'll be guided through practicing with them on your actual Dreaded Task right on the call—which means no getting stuck later when you try to figure out how the hell to apply what you learned in your real life. 

Along the way, I’ll coach volunteers and there will be ample time for questions, tweaks and troubleshooting about what you're discovering. All of which means, you’re going to get comfortable applying these tools as well as banking actual, real-time progress on the Dreaded Task by the end of the event—both of which will make it much easier to continue making progress on your own.


At the end of 2.5 hours, you can expect to have gained

  • Bespoke dread-busting tools you can practice on the call and take away with you after

  • In depth understanding of the dread-avoidance feedback loop and how to prevent it

  • At least 30 minutes of guaranteed, supported progress on a task that feels impossible to work on otherwise

  • A chance to be coached live and watch others be coached

  • A workbook to keep that includes all the tools we use 

  • Access to a replay of the calls and copies of slides to keep 

  • Unmatched camaraderie from people with the same kind of brain as yours

Spaces are limited, so book yours now. I'll be hosting the exact same event on two days to give people maximum chance of attending, so pick the day you want to attend below before booking. The total cost is $57. 

And remember to bring your Dreaded Task on the day, so we can dispel that cloud around it for good. 


Vanquish Dread and Triumph Over Your Most Fearsome Task


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