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Which Self-Eating Brain Type Are You?

You are really smart. You have significant talents. As far as everyone else is concerned, you're clearly kicking ass. 


So why do you keep avoiding some of the most important goals you have—things that you know you have to achieve in this life, or you'll never forgive yourself? 

Welcome to life with a self-eating brain.

Self-eating brains take all the smarts and skills at their disposal and use them to freak the hell out. They generate self-doubt and second-guessing instead of forward momentum. They plant a giant, flashing-red DETOUR sign right on the path we're trying to take.


Are you an Over-Deliverer, Spin-Cycler,

Upper-Limiter or White-Knuckler?

It's no wonder we wind up constantly fighting our own avoidance. 

The first step to leaving this avoidance behind is to identify what type of self-eating brain you have. These types have different avoidance styles, which means they respond to different tools. Someone who keeps focusing on less important work needs a different approach than someone who keeps changing their mind about what their ultimate goal really is.

That's why I've created the Self-Eating Brain quiz. In just five minutes, you'll find out your type and get my bespoke guide to taming your type of self-eating brain.  Instead of feeling like you're just mysteriously stuck, you'll understand a pattern that you can recognize and shift. Which means all that brain power can start actually fuelling your progress instead of standing in your way.

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