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Feel better. Focus more. Do big things.


When you wake up every day determined to do something and go to bed every night knowing you didn't do it, it can feel completely baffling.

Like: I know I want to go to grad school. Or get this promotion. Or start my business. So why do I just keep not doing it?  Why do I keep steering  away from where I actually want to go?
Who exactly is driving this thing, and why are they so determined to thwart me?

Because it feels so inexplicable, we often try to apply what seem like the most common sense explanations for this struggle. We must just be afraid of failure. Or success. Maybe we’re natural born procrastinators. 

But the reasons we apply the brakes are always as individual and specific as the talents we're trying to use. Our brains always opt for actions that logically seem like they will benefit us in some way, and that logic necessarily comes from our individual beliefs and experiences.

When our brains see a DANGER FALLING ROCKS sign over our chosen destination, that sign is there for reasons that make sense for us, not necessarily for anyone else. Internal resistance is like a fingerprint for the brain, made up of all the unique neural patterns we’ve each built across a lifetime worth of experiences related to talent, achievement and recognition.

This is actually good news, for two reasons. First, internal resistance may be mysterious, but it’s not random or nonsensical. It exists for a reason our brains think is logical. And that means we once we identify its logic, we can change it. We can take down the FALLING ROCKS sign and clear the road. We don’t have to just accept that this is just something that happens to us.

Second, this means that the logic behind our internal resistance is inside each of us. It’s not outside, with some expert or in some book. It’s lodged in a place to which we each have 100% privileged access—our own heads. We just need better tools and support in making that access work for us.

In this free workshop, I’m going to teach you how to do exactly that. I’ll share specific tools to use to identify your internal resistance, and talk through what to do once you have figured it out.

I’ll guide you in using some of these techniques in real time, and also coach some volunteers live on the call as well.

I’ll be sharing some tools I’ve never taught publicly before, so if you’ve attended a workshop or worked with me in the past, this will be fresh information.


And if you’ve ever wanted to work with me or ask me questions but aren’t able to coach with me for whatever reason, this is an ideal chance to do it for free.

I'm hosting the exact same workshop on two different days, to ensure that people have a decent chance of being able to attend live. Follow the link to fill in a brief form and you'll receive a zoom invite for date you have selected. You'll also have chance to indicate on the form whether you're interested in volunteering to be coached live.

On the day, I ask that you show up with a piece of paper and some kind of writing implement, in as much of a quiet environment as is available. 

When: Friday, 6 January 2023 at 12 pm EST/5 pm GMT and Saturday 7 January 2023, 12 pm EST/5 pm GMT.

Where: Zoom

Investment: 60 minutes of your time

Sign up: Fill in this brief form. Be sure to let me know if you're interested in being coached live on the call!

Got questions?

Got questions

Answers to frequently asked questions are below. Any others can be sent to

What if I don't want to be coached in front of other people or be on camera? 

Coaching is volunteer only! If you're not interested, just don't volunteer. You can keep your camera and mic off the whole time if you'd like. 

Is it really free?

It costs 60 minutes of your time, and I will talk for 5 minutes about my small group programme, Blazing Talents. But there is no monetary charge! ​

Why is it free? 

Because I want to share tools and coaching with people who get something out of my writing but aren't able to work with me as a coach. Because I want the people who can really benefit from it to get a taste of why learning and getting coached in a group is so powerful. And because I love teaching this shit.

Can I attend both times the workshop is held?

Yes, you can attend both times, though if I coach you I will only do so in one workshop. You will need to book separately for each session. 

Will there be a replay if I can't attend the workshop live either time?

Yes, I will be posting replays for those who sign up, though I encourage you to attend live if humanly possible! 

What if I hate swearing?

I swear on my website and in my writing because I swear in person, and I want to connect with people who are the right fit for my way of working. If you find swearing alienating, I may not the coach or writer for you. But there are lots of other people out there who don't speak the way I do who can help. Keep looking! 

Still have questions?


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